Camera Ready Studios

Spacious rental studios for photography

Studio One

Natural light white cove rental studio, and includes an “infinity corner.” Perfect for commercial photo shoots and catalog shoots, this studio includes ramp access and a huge natural light roll-up door.

  • 35′ x 30′ room with an 18′ x 27′ white cove
  • 16′ clearance
  • Air-conditioned
  • Seamless backgrounds (colors hanging vary)
  • C-stands, sandbags, apple boxes, extension cord reels, A-clamps
  • Adjacent makeup room
  • Access ramp with 12′ x 12′ roller door.

Studio Two

Studio 2 is our largest 3-walled rental studio and includes a white cove with 2 infinity corners. Studio 2 includes drive-in ramp access as well.

  • 50′ x 40′ room housing a 20′ x 35′ cove with two infinity corners
  • 16′ clearance
  • Air-conditioned
  • C-stands, sandbags, apple boxes, extension cord reels, A-clamps
  • Adjacent makeup room
  • Seamless backgrounds (colors hanging vary)
  • Access ramp with 12′ x 12′ roller door.

Headshot Studio

Camera Ready Studios has a photography room set up specifically for headshots and tabletop photography. We’ve installed a Westcott 3-light continuous lighting system on a studio rail system for easy maneuverability, and we have a (varying) assortment of seamless backgrounds.

The continuous lighting eliminates the need for light metering and symmetrical or asymmetrical lighting ratios – just turn on the number of bulbs on each light fixture and shoot with your camera’s TTL metering. WYSIWYG lighting

Additional Spaces

Makeup Room

Camera Ready Studios has a 3-chair makeup room, to which (shared) access is included with Studio 1 and Studio 2 rentals. It may also be rented hourly for Headshot Studio photographers or for makeup artists who don’t need studio space, such as makeup artists doing trial runs for brides, private lessons, etc. Includes:

  • 2 makeup chairs and 2 hair chairs
  • Rolling garment rack
  • Steamer
  • 2 dressing/changing rooms
  • Individually controlled lights around each mirror

Conference Room

Camera Ready Studios also makes a conference room available for rental. This is perfect for clients who need their clients to be able to work on their laptops during breaks in your shooting schedule, or for private client meetings. The conference room may be booked for only $25 hourly during normal business hours of 7am-8pm Monday through Saturday. ($35/hour nights/weekends, 4-hour minimum on Sunday).

Typical arrangement includes 7 chairs. Additional seating upon request.
Wall-mounted flat panel TV with computer hookups
Computer + keyboard for Internet access
White board
Guest wi-fi
Available hourly (4-hour minimum on Sunday)
The Conference Room is available separately and can be rented with or without studio rentals.

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