Studios Estate Sale

We will hold an Estate Sale on August 1 for studio equipment, photo equipment, and some furniture. The sale will run from 9am-4pm.

  • There will be NO EARLY SALES, and we cannot reserve items for anyone.
  • The listing linked below is preliminary and subject to change. It is being updated as we go through our process. Some things are being added and some may be removed. Tools, for example, have not been added yet.
  • The image below is an initial screen capture, and is not the final version. Click the spreadsheet image to see the current live version.

The “New” price of many line items are linked to major retailers’ web pages showing the current price of the items. Our used valuation is usually about 50% of that value, sometimes even less depending on the item.

Studios Estate Sale

Click to view the full spreadsheet in Google Sheets.
NOTE: This may be subject to change up until the sale.

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