Pre-lit White Cove

New continuous lighting for video on the white cove in rental Studio 2 at Camera Ready StudiosCamera Ready Studios is happy to announce its newest acquisition for our studio rental customers. We have acquired four DeSisti flourescent lighting fixtures to provide continuous lighting on our Studio 2 white cyc. The new lighting provides a 3600K wash on the white cove, eliminating (or minimizing) the need to bring in additional lighting for your studio background. We’ve metered the lights to f/4 at ISO 400 for 1/60-sec. Although this may not be sufficient for still photographers wanting to shoot at f/8, it works quite well for those shooting video. Morton Visuals shot a corporate video with this setup last week, and the background came out perfectly by adding a 1/2 CTO gel to the daylight-balanced main lights.

We are now in the process of procuring four extension poles to lower the lights from their current position on our 16-ft grid. Bringing the lights down lower will increase their effective power, which should make them more useful for still photographers as well. At the very least it will reduce the amount of (additional) lighting that will be needed for a clean white background.

Come on down and check them out!



Camera Ready Studios' Studio 2 now features a pre-lit white cove

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