Headshot Studio

Camera Ready Studios has a 14′ x 15′ photography room set up specifically for headshots and tabletop photography. We’ve installed a Westcott 3-light continuous lighting system on a studio rail system for easy maneuverability, and we have a (varying) assortment of seamless backgrounds.

Have a client who wants a quick headshot for their social media and don’t feel like dragging out and setting up all your lighting gear? Just book our Headshots room in 1-hour increments and bring your camera. The continuous lighting eliminates the need for light metering and symmetrical or asymmetrical lighting ratios – just turn on the number of bulbs on each light fixture and shoot with your camera’s TTL metering. WYSIWYG lighting! This setup is also perfect if you (or a client) wants a place to record video clips for YouTube or Vimeo. We’ve had people book this room to record “talking head” interviews as well, although the room isn’t soundproof.

Note that this space is not designed for full-length shooting, but rather for quick and easy headshots or tabletop product photography. A private bathroom is inside this studio suite, making it easy for your client to do any last minute touch-ups prior to your photography session, or change wardrobe if needed. If you need space for a makeup artist to work we recommend our separate Makeup Room, which can be booked the hour prior to your headshot photography. The headshots studio is available for $50/hr during business hours (Mon-Sat 7am-8pm) or $75/hr evenings and weekends (2-hr minimum on Sundays). Need more space for full-length images? See our natural light white cove rental studio or our large cove studio.