New Rental Option: Big Screen on Wheels

A large flat-panel TV on a roller stand is a new rental option for Camera Ready StudiosCamera Ready Studios offers rental space for more than just photography and video shoots. Our studios make great event space for classes, workshops, seminars, and more. So we are expanding our options for renters. One item is always in demand for these setups is a large TV monitor. So Camera Ready Studios has invested in a 48″ flat-panel TV on a roller stand with a laptop shelf and remote.

The new monitor allows a presenter to show a website, video, images, or PowerPoint/Keynote slide presentations to large (or small) groups. Whether demonstrating for a computer class or showing a photography portfolio, the ability for everyone to see easily is paramount. Workshops and training classes can tether a camera for closeup views of makeup applications, photography demonstrations, or video presentations.

The new TV monitor is available for rent by the half-day or full-day, depending on your rental time frame and whether or not it’s needed all day or not. With our new booking system it’s an easy Add-On to your studio booking. Have any questions? Give us a call! 214-390-7690, or email us.

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