New Rental Gear: LED Lighting for Video

Camera Ready Studios is excited to announce its most recent acquisition for our studio rental customers. We have added six LitePanels for video lighting.

LED light panels are available for rent at Camera Ready Studios

LED light panels rental lighting at Camera Ready Studios

LitePanels LP-1 LED continuous light panels

These 1′ x 1′ LED light panels are great for video projects like interviews. As illustrated above in a setup for an interview with Crazy Merman owner Chris Luevanos, the panels allow 3-point lighting for both the interviewer and the interviewee. Each daylight-balanced light is dimmable and can be adjusted for spot or flood lighting. Although these are not bright enough to light our full white cove, using several of them can light a smaller area of the cove as a background. We have used these for one and two-person interview setups, and they work particularly well for front lighting in Studio 2 which now has a pre-lit white cove.

They are available individually with any studio rental at our north Dallas photo studio. To reserve your equipment simply visit our Rental Gear page.

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