New Headshots Studio

Camera Ready Studios has added a new small studio for quick and easy headshots! Although we are going to be refining it and making it prettier, the new studio is functional and ready for use.

Camera Ready Studios new headshots studioEquipped with Westcott continuous lighting, the studio is designed to allow photographers to be able to walk in with just a camera, turn on any combination of the three lights and position them as desired with the rail system, and create easy headshots using their camera’s TTL metering. No more need for a light meter to try to adjust lighting down to your desired aperture – you can shoot at any shutter speed, even at f/1.8 or f/2.8! The hair light can be rotated to light the background (great for a bright white background) or used as a hairlight, and 5 power switches allow you to easily adjust the lighting intensity. The continuous lighting also allows you to record video for your own YouTube clips if desired.

Assorted seamless is available for backgrounds – clean white, neutral gray, light blue, chromakey green, and others from time to time. Of course you can bring in your own seamless or twist-flex backdrop too.

The studio may be booked online for $50/hr (or $25/hr for our members), making it an easy option for your realtor or other clients who just need a quick headshot for their social media. Come check it out!

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