Terms & Conditions

By renting studio space at Camera Ready Studios (“CRS”), you acknowledge that you fully understand and agree to the following Terms and Conditions. Rental allows access to the physical spaces during the time frame specified only, and allows use of provided equipment or props during that time. In order to confirm a reservation all rental fees must be paid in full at the time of booking using a major credit card. We do not accept cash payments. Renter agrees to abide by the following rules:

  • The booking party accepts all responsibility for the conduct and welfare of all persons accompanying the renter while on our premises. Booking party may not sublease
  • The premises are to be used for photography, videography, classes, workshops, seminars, or similar activities.Camera Ready studios maintains a smoke-free and drug-free facility. No illegal drugs are permitted on our property at any time. No illegal activities are ever permitted on our property. No one will be admitted who appears to be drunk or under the influence of illegal substances. If a renter violates any provision of this agreement they may be asked to vacate the studio property and forfeit any remaining rental payment for that day.
  • Alcohol is permitted only if approved in advance by the owner. 
  • Due to cleaning difficulties, glitter is prohibited in the studios. Use of glitter and confetti will cause significant additional charges for clean-up.
  • CRS and its owner Mary Erickson are hereby waived and held harmless from any incidents or accidents that may occur to or by persons either renting or associated with the renting of the studio facilities. Renter is required to present a Certificate of Insurance prior to accessing any studio spaces naming “Camera Ready Studios LLC and Mary Erickson” as Additional Insured. (See our blog article on insurance.)  If this is not received by CRS at least 24 hours prior to rental then your booking will be cancelled.
  • Pets and vehicle access must be approved in advance. CRS must be notified in advance of any groups larger than 10 people.
  • There is no smoking at any time in the CRS building.
  • The time you book begins at the time you’ve reserved, including set up and break down or pack up. The studio must be vacated by the time scheduled. Overtime is charged at a rate of $75/hr.
  • Cancellations with at least 24 hours notice will receive a full refund of fees paid. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice are not eligible for refund.
  • The studio must be left in the same condition as when entered. Trash should be in trashcans, equipment returned to its proper place, and any larger trash disposed of in the dumpster out back. The space will be checked by a CRS employee, and if the space is not in the same condition as when rented a minimum fee of $50 will be charged (based on the amount of time required to clean the studios at a rate of $50/hour).
  • Renter agrees to pay for any repair costs of equipment, studio damages, or cleaning fees using a major credit card. This will be recorded upon check-in.
  • Photography or filming is not permitted in any common spaces (break room, lounge, lobby, bathrooms, etc.) without permission in advance.

CRS is not responsible or liable for acts that are out of its control, such as power outages, weather or emergencies. In such cases, a prorated portion of renter’s payments will be returned. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.