50-Megapixel Showcase

Camera Ready Studios is excited to announce our upcoming 50-Megapixel Showcase! On Saturday, February 20th we – along with ASMP Dallas – will be hosting the major camera manufacturers who produce 50Mp cameras, including:

Camera Ready Studios hosts a showcase of 50Mp digital cameras

Attendees at this FREE event will have an opportunity to see a demo of each of the featured cameras, shooting the same subject under the same lighting – the only truly fair comparison we’ve seen!  In the morning all cameras will be shooting a studio still-life food shot. After lunch (provided courtesy of Hasselblad USA) we’ll take the cameras outside to shoot a fashion model in bright (backlit) sunlight for a very different lighting scenario. Then we will bring the images inside to compare those results.

Photographers will have an opportunity to test some exceptional cameras:

Additionally, Hasselblad is bring in Broncolor lighting! If you haven’t seen the beauty of Broncolor then you’re definitely in for a surprise.

Photographers are encouraged to bring their own (SD for Pentax and CF for Canon and Hasselblad) memory cards to take home some sample images for comparison on your own computer/monitor. See how medium format compares to a high-resolution DSLR camera with the same pixel count. Compare two of the major medium format camera brands to see how their systems differ.

Other events may have allowed you to see one particular camera, but this event will show you the major competitors side-by-side — and allow you to truly compare the differences. Please register for this FREE event on Eventbrite so that we can project food and drink needs:

Eventbrite - 50 Megapixel Showcase

And please share this with your photographer friends! 

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